The Masseuse Gets Anal Fucked

Welcum to yet another update for Rub Him. After briefly seeing him warm up his body with a quick workout, the masseuse in this week’s update is infatuated with his client. He couldn’t help but feel horny and get a boner, nor could he keep his hands off the client. He proceeds with the massage and that’s where things get freaky. You don’t wanna miss this oily and sweaty update to Rub Him…enjoy!.

Hot Studs Ready For Anal Sex!

Are you ready for an extreme sexual deep rub massage? Because these hawt studs sure are! Nothing feels better than getting your back caressed and then your asshole penetrated by throbbing hard euro cock. These sexy stallions know how to do it right! Muscle upon muscle hardcore bareback muscular pounding that will leave you groaning in delight.


Anal Sex Massage

Dick wanted a good masage, so Patrick said he would give him the best. He rubbed him so good, make all his muscles feel good. then Partick rub dick with rubber Dick to maximize his pleasure. Then Patrick give Dick pleasure by sucking Dick and then he was ready for the buttfuck. .

Anal Massage After A Great Workout

Ray and Luke meet up for Cardio workout. Running sprints and push-ups. Working up a sexy sweat. Both of these men are muscular and fine as fuck. After a great workout they went back home to give each other a massage. After tense exercising these guys needed to relax. I think a good anal fucking will do. Enjoy!.

Anal Massage Business Is Booming!

When looking for new customers it helps to hit the streets for a little face to face promotions and when it comes to massage therapy it helps to give out a few free massages. That’s exactly what we have here. We went out and about, gave a few freebies and increased our business. We filmed one of our sessions for your viewing pleasure. .

Men Having Sloppy Anal Sex

I’m not sure what it is about deep tissue massages. They just get the blood flowing and leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world. Sometimes, if the vibe is right, things align up just right and you end up having an encounter of a sexual kind. Sometime you end up fucking a complete stranger. It’s all in the hands and it helps for there to be two horny guys looking for a different kind of deep tissue massage.

Deep Anal Therapy

A little oil, a pair of strong hands and a secret location is enough to put anyone in the mood for a little extra therapy. Mix in two studs willing to take it to the limit of sexual ecstasy and you get another sensual and sexy episode of Rub Him. Folks this one is a good one. No doubt about it. these two guys were checking each other out since they met and it was inevitable they would end up fucking hard. From professional to personal in no time at all. Want to see the sexiest men get it on with each other after a hot and oily massage? You’ve come to the right place!

Muscular Studs Anal Sex Massage

This update is a must see! Believe me, your dick will thank you later. There’s nothing better than watching strong men rub each the right way. The strength and passion behind it is such a turn on. Nothing but non-stop oil massaging, cock sucking and anal pounding action going on here. Watch and enjoy!..

Two Sexy Men Fuck After A Massage Session

In the episode of Rub Him we have a professional masseuse attracting customers on the street with a smile and a massage table. One handsome brunette man falls tempted by the cute blonde masseuse and couldn’t help himself from following along to the mans office. After the massage got hot and heavy all that relaxation caused certain sexual things to occur all o their own. Before we knew it we were witnessing two sexy men going at it like horny Bonobo monkeys in the jungle. We recorded every single moment and we think you’ll enjoy this episode. Watch now!

Anal Sex From A Muscular Man!

It’s about that time folks! When men become men. Bring out the oil because there’s going to be a whole lot of massaging, cock sucking and anal sex going on here. Non-stop hardcore action for those of you who love anal massaging. Come and see these two hot sexy stud lather each other up. Enjoy!.

Oil Massaged Anal Sex

There’s nothing like watching a man rub oil all over another man’s body. These two sexy studs turn each other on and go right at it. Massaging oil over over each as they rub bodies together. Then the good old anal sex begin. Non-stop anal action for us grown folks. Enjoy!.